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MilleaLab: Facilities to Support Students' Kinesthetic Intelligence

"The understanding that students who actively moved in the classroom

are hyperactive is no longer relevant. MilleaLab is a Virtual Reality

technology platform which becomes a support for kinesthetic intelligence."

Often, students actively moving in the classroom are labeled hyperactive children. However, this fact refers to one of the multiple intelligence types: kinesthetic intelligence. Students with kinesthetic intelligence should be supported by their teachers through various methods. Virtual Reality (VR) education is one of them. MilleaLab is an innovative platform that relies on VR technology in learning and becoming a facility to support students' kinesthetic intelligence.

Kinesthetic in Virtual Space

Kinesthetic intelligence is an individual ability to use their body or physicals to express their idea and feelings. Those with kinesthetic intelligence prefer gaining and processing information through hand-body movement, expression, and control. Students with kinesthetic intelligences inside a classroom that are arranged in such a way is becoming their barrier to improvement. As a result, the student's learning outcomes will need to be more satisfactory and optimal. In fact, VR technology for learning, such as MilleaLab, is essential in supporting this kind of intelligence.

MilleaLab offers a three-dimensional immersive virtual space when learning in a classroom brings a monotonous space for students. Teaching and learning practice in MilleaLab presents a realistic impression and exploration freedom for the students. That means students with kinesthetic intelligence are more active in enjoying and gaining learning materials through MilleaLab VR and talking about MilleaLab; what is MilleaLab?

MilleaLab, A Supportive Platform

MilleaLab is one immersive technology product performed under SHINTA VR, an immersive technology company from Indonesia. Since 2019, SHINTA VR has initiated MilleaLab to perform, especially in the Indonesian educational domain. An innovation with consistency has brought MilleaLab to this point. Many schools have realized that MilleaLab VR technology is essential in bringing harmonization and happy learning for teachers and students.

Through its immersive characteristics, MilleaLab fully supports students' kinesthetic intelligence through interactive explorations in a virtual space. The understanding that students who actively move in a classroom are hyperactive is irrelevant. It is a must that every student should be supported, including kinesthetic intelligence, which needs many physical movements to gain information accurately. Apart from students' positive emotions that MilleaLab improves, the kinesthetic intelligence of the students is also improved due to MilleaLab.


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