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MilleaLab Proves Virtual Reality Learning ExcellenceThrough Its Achievements in 2023

"MilleaLab always strives to manifest harmonization between entities in the world of education. MilleaLab proves the tangible accomplishments in 2023."

MilleaLab is an educational technology platform that relies on Virtual Reality (VR) technology to bring harmonization to the world of education. Since MilleaLab was established in 2019, it has brought a more immersive impact, from increasing the number of certified educators and MilleaLab users to partner escalation from various sources. All of MilleaLab's results in 2023 come from MilleaLab's dedication and the support of MilleaLab users, namely educators and students, to advance education.

One of MilleaLab's essential achievements in 2023 is the increase in the users of both MilleaLab Creator and MilleaLab Viewer. MilleaLab Creator, an app for educators to create 3D learning content, saw a 450 percent increase in monthly active users over 2022. Furthermore, the number of downloaders of MilleaLab Creator increased by 110 percent compared to 2022. On the other hand, the number of monthly active users of MilleaLab Viewer, an application for students to enjoy VR learning content, increased by 150 percent from 2022. MilleaLab also managed over 9500 certified educators from 2019 to 2023.

When talking about MilleaLab's role so far, it will be closely related to educational institutions, including schools and universities. By 2023, dozens of schools and universities will also join in using the VR technology that MilleaLab has developed because they believe in MilleaLab's impact and excellence in education. In 2023, MilleaLab actively disseminated digital literacy related to VR technology-based learning. Furthermore, various partners in the field of education participate in the spread of digital literacy related to immersive technology. 

At the end of 2023, MilleaLab is very proud to be a partner of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture's GTK (Teachers and Education Personnel) through the program "Digital Literacy Competencies Improvement for Teachers and Education Personnel in the Context of Implementing the Merdeka Curriculum." Besides that partnership, MilleaLab actively continues to establish cooperation programs with KOMINFO (Ministry of Communication and Information), BTIKP Kalimantan (Balai Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi Pendidikan), PGRI (Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia), IGI (Indonesian Teachers Association), HTT ID (High Tech Teacher Indonesia), and ITC (International Test Center) to conduct digital literacy programs in classroom learning, especially for educators in inaccessible areas that have not received literacy in the development of Virtual Reality technology. 

The conclusion of the collaboration program that MilleaLab implemented with various partners has led to dozens of workshops in 2023 related to implementing VR in education. Of course, MilleaLab does this to impact the contribution of technology in education positively. In the end, 2024 will be the 6th year MilleaLab shows its persistence as an educational platform that relies on immersive technology. MilleaLab has successfully proven its ability to apply VR as a practical and fun learning media. The proof can be seen through MilleaLab's achievements during 2023.


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