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MilleaLab's Newest Feature:MilleaLab Visual Scripting

“Bringing convenience through interactive features is one of MilleaLab's goals as a Virtual Reality education platform. The Visual Scripting feature is one of the real proofs of MilleaLab's feature development.”

MilleaLab, a Virtual Reality (VR) education technology (EdTech) platform, always strives to provide a fun learning experience. MilleaLab's development team strives to make it easy for educators to create VR learning content. These benefits undeniably come from the various interactive features that MilleaLab has and develops. This article will discuss the release of MilleaLab's latest feature, Visual Scripting, which will channel the impact of educators' freedom in creating VR learning content.


"One of MilleaLab's overall strengths is that we always prioritize user complaints. The Visual Scripting feature will not burden users at all, both in terms of devices and their use," said Dimas Taufiqurrahman, Product Manager and Lead Developer Team MilleaLab. As we all know, educators in Indonesia are numerous and diverse. They come with different backgrounds and interesting stories. Of course, the style and desire of educators to create VR learning content in MilleaLab will also vary. The presence of the Visual Scripting feature is an important point in this creative freedom.


Dimas Taufiqurrahman continued, "The impact we want to bring through this Visual Scripting feature is greater when educators want to create virtual simulation practices but are limited in features. Later, the VR Pendekar community from MilleaLab will be the spearhead." This is because educators who are members of VR Swordsmen are active educators who implement MilleaLab VR in the classroom. So that the new Visual Scripting feature will be more easily understood by the Pendekar VR.


Furthermore, the presence of this Visual Scripting feature has a significant impact on the creativity of educators but also students. Learners can use the Visual Scripting feature to maximize their potential skills in the classroom. These skills include basic programming, reasoning, analytical power, problem-solving, and creativity. These potential impacts can be realized due to the freedom of users in utilizing Visual Scripting features effectively. 


As a result, collaboration from educators in using VR in the classroom will be more effective with this Visual Scripting feature. Moreover, students who are one of the entities in the world of education also feel the abundant positive impact of the appearance of MilleaLab's Visual Scripting feature. Well, happily, soon this Visual Scripting will be present for MilleaLab users with all its conveniences. News of the official release of the Visual Scripting feature can be seen through MilleaLab's social media, including the official MilleaLab website. Stay tuned for the latest feature, Visual Scripting!


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