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MilleaLab Updates #5:Becoming Pendekar VR of The Month

“MileaLab always prioritizes harmony among all educational entities, including Pendekar VR who were appreciated through the Pendekar VR of the Month. This article will discuss more about how to become a Pendekar VR of the Month.”

Since 2019, MilleaLab has kept synergizing with the world of education for the sake of harmonization between educators and students as one. As a Virtual Reality (VR) Educational Technology (EdTech) platform, MilleaLab always prioritizes harmonization in every aspect. In terms of disseminating good practices, MilleaLab has created one community which is Pendekar VR. Besides making Pendekar VR a platform for sharing knowledge about VR technology, MilleaLab also appreciates the teachers in it through ‘Pendekar VR of The Month’. This appreciation aims at educators who actively spread good implementations of VR in the educational domain using MilleaLab.

If we are talking about Pendekar VR, it is strongly related to MilleaLab. A platform that provides a 3D immersive world based on VR technology. MilleaLab offers VR learning with 3D assets that the educators can apply through the ‘Drag n Drop’ feature without any difficulty at all. This MilleaLab feature makes it easier for educators to create a VR learning space without doing any coding at all. There is also an appreciation form for the educators who joined the Pendekar VR community which is Pendekar VR of The Month.

One of the early steps as well as tips for becoming Pendekar VR of The Month is active in posting everything related to MilleaLab on social media. The reason is surely because Pendekar VR operates under the auspices of MilleaLab itself. The posts consist of workshops, MilleaLab VR usage at schools, and various activities with students. It does not stop at just one step, the educators should also upload the posts on the Pendekar VR dashboard website which will be scored by the internal team of MilleaLab.

The indicators of the winner of Pendekar VR of The Month are the points that educators must collect through various good implementations. The highest points in a month will be crowned as Pendekar VR of The Month. Furthermore, the points level are characterized by several status; starting from 200 points as Pendekar VR Muda until 1500 points as Pendekar VR Legenda. Each status of Pendekar VR also has its own privileges such as receiving free templates, certificates, and special merchandise.

Finally, educators must be active in disseminating good practices in the educational world to receive appreciation for themselves. MilleaLab provides a platform to create innovatively, especially in the learning-teaching process so that they become more motivated in using VR. Not only the students who often feel like learning in a video game but also the educators. Through Pendekar VR of The Month and Pendekar point status, the educators also feel like teaching in a video game world. That is MilleaLab that invites all educators to collectively implement good practices of VR usage in the world of education.


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