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Adapting to Immersive Technology #5: Self-Improvisation for Efficient Learning

"Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. is not an educator who gives up easily on a thing. Together with MilleaLab, he improves himself for efficient learning through Virtual Reality technology."

Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd.'s enthusiasm toward technological industry innovation has led him to be a trainer on 'Workshop Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Berbasis Virtual Reality' in East Java. For Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd., an educational world should adapt to immersive technology to make the learning process more focused and efficient. Having an unfinished mission, Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. finally decided to work together with MilleaLab to bring more positive impacts through various activities. One of them is through that workshop.

Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd.’s first impression upon MilleaLab occurred in 2020, when MilleaLab held a program called Guru Binar. "I was attending in 2020, but I didn't finish most of the tasks. Maybe because I only attended some of the activities, I didn't understand most of them," said Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. Until finally, he attended once more and became a trainer twice. "This is the second time I become a trainer for a workshop. The first time was in 2022, and the second is in 2023," said Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. Besides, workshop by workshop has made Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. aware to keep improving.

Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. added, "Yeah, it can be said that in the last year, my public speaking wasn't good and structured enough; there's still more minus. It becomes a reminder for myself to learn and improve more." The workshop process that lasted a month successfully gained the audience's motivation and enthusiasm. Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. mentioned that MilleaLab VR learning project results from the audiences also turns perfect, even if it can be compared to his project result of his own.

Furthermore, VR technology usage in the world of education, especially MilleaLab, is believed by Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd., to be active side-by-side with educators in the future. "VR technology in learning is high-speed in use. It would be better if I contribute earlier rather than later on," stated Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. Students who tend to be closed with video games will surely master the learning material better if it is delivered through VR learning. At least, that is what Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. said about MilleaLab VR learning impacts.

Moreover, Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd. invited all educators from Indonesia to learn and utilize the opportunities together—an opportunity where educators can contribute to educational technology through Virtual Reality. "Let's all start to learn and share various impacts through this VR-advanced technology. MilleaLab has provided various features that support us. Don't need to be worried that this VR technology cannot support our learning in the classroom," said Andika Wahyu Ferdiansyah, M. Pd.


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