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Adapting to Immersive Technology #6:TK Santa Ursula Jakarta Implements Virtual Reality

“Early childhood education is one of the earliest educational stages for an individual to prepare themselves to enter the next stage of education. TK Santa Ursula Jakarta is one of the schools that chose to dive with MilleaLab due to their belief about technology utilization in the educational world.”

Nowadays, the development of Virtual Reality (VR) technological innovation in the world of education keeps spreading to early childhood education. The use of advanced VR technology does not look at age restrictions because of its natural nature, namely immersive. MilleaLab directly shows that it is a must that every formal educational level, from kindergarten to university, have access to it. TK Santa Ursula Jakarta is one of the early childhood education levels that chooses to adapt the MilleaLab VR immersive technology implementation in the learning process.

Kindergarten is the earliest stage of education for an individual to prepare themselves for entering the next educational stage. It becomes a platform for children to grow physically, cognitively, and even emotionally, as well as learn new things. The advancement of VR technology, such as imagination visualization, interactive exploration, etc., will surely help children of all ages to learn. On the other hand, Millealab is the one who becomes the platform in the form of educational technology (EdTech) to support TK Santa Ursula Jakarta education.

As we all know, TK Santa Ursula Jakarta is one of the schools that chose to dive into MilleaLab because of its belief in technology leverage in education. Then, kindergarten students are usually aged four to six. In other words, the children's development process is at the top of the hill; therefore, the learning process is very influential toward cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. Besides, the children in that range of age are familiar with their own world of imagination.

On that interpretation, MilleaLab comes as the provider of children’s imagination. The main thing about VR technology itself is the realistic experience of feeling in the virtual world as in the real world. This fact will lead to the motivation and happiness of learning in the Indonesian educational world for students and educators. By that, the creative imaginations of the children who sit in kindergarten, especially TK Santa Ursula, will turn out maximally.

One of TK Santa Ursula’s educators, Maria Martha, mentioned, “I made learning materials about musical instruments and applied them to the students. They were really interested in learning and wanted to try more and more.” As the students want to learn, the expected result will improve. Cognitive improvement through interactive exploration, imaginativeness through virtual worlds, and emotional stability thanks to learning like playing fun Everything is possible with MilleaLab.


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