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Consistency as The Capital for Building Students' Character

"Education is the most important thing in building students' character. When educators can maximize the technological potencies to build consistency, students' character development will surely be easier to excel at."

It is appropriate for an educator to play the number one supporting role for students in the world of education. A student's character building comes from how the educators guide and conduct habits. Consistency matters for building positive habits so that good character is realized. Various technological innovations support educators' consistency in instilling positive student habits. MilleaLab becomes a developing facility for educators to build their students' character to be of better quality. 

As we all know, students have strong relationships with technology in this modern era. When educators can maximize the technological potencies to build consistency, students' character development will surely be easier to excel. Besides, MilleaLab provides a three-dimensional virtual world as a Virtual Reality (VR) technological platform for facilitating those things. The students' various backgrounds also make it a challenge to build learning consistency in the classroom. Interestingly, those differences can be streamed through an innovative platform, MilleaLab.

When we talk about learning in the classroom, there are many subjects related to character building, such as character, citizenship, and even religion. Not all students understand how to improve themselves through the materials delivered by their educators. Some of them usually learn after they meet a significant problem. Using MilleaLab, educators can create any scenario, anywhere, anywhen by MilleaLab thousands of 3D assets. Building consistency through completing quizzes, learning scenarios, and listening to the material is possible through MilleaLab application.

MilleaLab is a platform that provides a learning environment with any themes, whether about family or school. For example, educators would like to deliver material about norms applied in society. The educators can easily use the Drag n Drop feature of MilleaLab Creator to arrange learning scenarios for students to access. Educators can create housing in rural, urban and other areas through MilleaLab Creator.

Ultimately, consistency, one of the main fundamentals of character formation in students, is greatly helped by technology, especially MilleaLab's VR technology. MilleaLab does not only look at aspects of students' learning outcomes or motivation. MilleaLab also supports the formation of the character of students who are candidates for the golden generation in the future. Education is especially important in this context. Education is a pathway for students, and MilleaLab bridges the two.


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