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Cybersickness: Factors and Ways to Overcome Cybersickness When Using VR

"One of the fundamental things that virtual reality can do is create a real-world simulation in the virtual world. The cybersickness that the users experience when using VR can be solved by analyzing its factors."

Immersive technology development, like virtual reality (VR), has always been an interesting topic of conversation in society. VR technological innovation allows users to feel realistic experiences when entering the virtual world. Moreover, this sophisticated technology usage has already spread to various life industries without exception. However, one thing that cannot be denied is the negative impact of VR technology and its benefits. Of course, what are the factors if its use is unlimited and sparingly, and how can we overcome cybersickness when using VR?

One of the fundamental things that VR can create is real-world simulation in the virtual world. Although the immersive characteristic of VR brings a realistic impression to its users, some of them will have nonconformity when using VR. One of the specific factors is the movement in the virtual world. For example, when users enter some attractions in the virtual world, their real-world body stays in a place, and their brains will respond that those movements are merely a simulation. This fact will lead to the brain signalizing with such a dizzy feeling.

Besides, the reality of the virtual environment will lead users to feel dissonance when using VR. This factor usually refers to tired eyes and stomach aches for the users because of having too much time in the virtual world. The last factor of the users experiencing cybersickness is the interaction with objects and virtual environments. As we all know, VR Headset and Controller are two primary components to enter the virtual world. The virtual characters or avatars that the users use to interact with it are controlled through those two components.

When those characters walk in the virtual world using a controller, users' feet are not moving at all in the real world. The fact that the users are having cybersickness only applies to users who have recently used VR. Users with matching settings between real-world and virtual-world movements. Users do not need to worry because the benefits that VR offers are very varied. Starting from its use in the entertainment industry, business, and even education. Cybersickness will slowly decrease or even disappear if the user's body and mind get used to it.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, balance and harmony between worlds are important in overcoming cybersickness. Adjusting body position, vision and movements in the real world will help users reduce it. Apart from that, you must have a rest when you don't use VR. Please take a 10 to 15-minute break after using it for half an hour. This method will be effective in giving the brain and body a short break from this incompatibility. Lastly, get used to it. The brain and body will get used to the discrepancies for a regular VR user until you can finally adapt. Even so, you may pause while using it.


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