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Enjoy The Excitement of Learning While on Holiday at Virtual World with MilleaLab

“While MilleaLab Creator functions as an application to create VR learning content, MilleaLab Viewer functions as an application for the users to enjoy MilleaLab VR learning content. MilleaLab proves that every potency of VR technology can be maximized along with development, including taking a vacation while studying.”

December is identical to the year-end holidays to welcome the new year. Unpredicted weather and high costs often make it challenging for a person to vacation during the holidays. MilleaLab, an innovative platform that has moved into the world of education since 2019, can become a facility for students to go on holiday this December. The holidays will feel more realistic and fun. Besides, the students can also learn and go on vacation in MilleaLab world. All holiday destinations can be reached through MilleaLab Viewer.

MilleaLab has two applications: MilleaLab Viewer and MilleaLab Creator. MilleaLab Creator is an application to create VR learning content, MilleaLab Viewer is an application for users to enjoy MilleaLab VR learning content. Talking about VR technology, immersive characteristics do not escape it. MilleaLab users can access scene templates that MilleaLab has provided through MilleaLab Viewer for various needs, whether for learning or vacation. Furthermore, the users can break time and space limitations due to its immersive characteristics.

So far, history learning in the classroom is always limited to historical books and their telling. One of the interesting things about historical learning is ancient times. We cannot directly witness historical events or dinosaurs realistically. Even though popular holiday destinations provide that kind of experience, the price set is fantastic. One of the learning scenes that MilleaLab provides is the ancient times. This mentioned VR content presents simulations for users in ancient times, from witnessing the evolution of changes from archaic humans to ancient animals.

Apart from that, the users who stay out of Java island will need help accessing the historical locations in Java, like Monumen Nasional (Monas). MilleaLab Viewer also has a scene template with the theme of trigonometry learning in Monas environment. Users can visit some remote locations like Wae Rebo Village, which is located in East Nusa Tenggara. Times, costs, and far place will make it hard for us taking holiday in a village like Wae Rebo Village. Once again, MilleaLab provides a space for usa to go on vacation and having some fun experience of learning process.

Now, the term ‘healing’ gets easier for us to realize by maximizing various technological innovations like VR. MilleaLab has succeeded in creating innovative creations in the form of multifunctional VR learning platforms for the greater educational world. Learning, playing, and healing can be realized in this innovative application, MilleaLab. MilleaLab proves that every potential of VR technology and development can be maximized. Now, we can enjoy our year-end holidays using MilleaLab!


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