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MilleaLab #6:Collaboration of MilleaLab and PGRI in Digital Transformation of Education

“Digital transformation of education initiated by PGRI Jawa Timur has brought MilleaLab to the dissemination with a more massive immersive impact. MilleaLab is a Virtual Reality technology platform for educators and students to practice learning processes.”

Regarding leveraging digital technology for effective and efficient learning, PGRI (Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia) Jawa Timur invited MilleaLab to collaborate in realizing it. The Chairman of SLCC (Smart Learning & Character Centre) PGRI East Java, James Frans, mentioned, “Another meaning is the mindset of administrators and educators directed towards the future. We appointed MilleaLab because there is no innovative platform other than MilleaLab, specifically in Indonesia.” The collaboration between MilleaLab and PGRI Jawa Timur is realized because of the Jawa Timur regional coordinator of Pendekar VR, a community of educators who use MilleaLab.

The workshop lasted for nine days yet involved the enthusiasm of participants who were active in developing their abilities. “The participants are enthusiastic to improve themselves. Also, the government makes it mandatory,” said James. On the other hand, Mashitha Trisha Hellena, Community Development of MilleaLab, said that after the workshop ended, the participants are asked to create a MilleaLab Virtual Reality (VR) based learning content, and the deadline is on 29th September 2023. Apart from the internet connection problem, PGRI Jawa Timur and MilleaLab's collaboration runs smoothly.

“The only problem is that our educators in the rural areas do not have enough internet access. That’s our only problem. The educators who live in the city do not have any problems at all. The educators in rural areas are having difficulty learning,” said James. The internet connection has always been a problem that educators cannot handle. The government should make an effort for access equality, especially internet access, which plays an essential role for digital transformation in education.

The consistency hoped to bring this positive transformation came from James Frans' motivation as The Chairman of SLCC PGRI Jawa Timur. “If we talk about the motivation, it is the motivation because we have several plans in this educational digital transformation program. The second is that today’s context of learning technology has reached the new form, creative learning with Virtual Reality based,” said James. James’s statement is continued by Mashitha, “So far, the process went smoothly. There will be the second batch also on 16th October 2023.”

As with PGRI Jawa Timur, MilleaLab keeps spreading actively yet harmonizing the awareness and good practice of VR implementation in education. MilleaLab holds numerous collaboration partners from all over Indonesia to extend the impact even more. PGRI Jawa Timur becomes one of the tangible proofs that MilleaLab disseminates the implications of VR usage in the learning process to educators and students. Every activity that MilleaLab initiates while collaborating with several partners will deliver a more massive positive impact in the future.


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