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MilleaLab Appreciation Day #1:Antony Lavinci, S. Pd., The 1st Winner of the Educational Video Comp

"The limitations and varied backgrounds of students from various life aspects have become their motivation for educators. Just like MilleaLab, which appreciates educators through MilleaLab Appreciation Day, Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. also appreciated Indonesian education through the videos he made."

MilleaLab Appreciation Day is one of MilleaLab's campaigns as a form of appreciation toward the Indonesian world of education. More precisely, an appreciation for educators and students who play an essential role in the educational domain. Antony Lavinci, S. Pd., a SMAN 1 Bosar Maligas teacher, has achieved the first Winner in the 'Educational Video Competition' of MilleaLab Appreciation Day. The achievement was gained due to Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. 's hard work and effort in the educational world while trying new things. Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. mentioned, "Indeed, not all educators are equipped to make videos. However, nowadays, educators should improve their competencies in this field."

Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. 's interest in actively participating in various programs that MilleaLab held has brought him to this competition. "For this program, I only see the positive vibes, especially for all educators in Indonesia. The point is, I want to share that as long as I am an educator, I have the same experiences yet differences with other educators," said Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. He also believes that Virtual Reality (VR) education can become a solution for various learning methods development of students.

"VR is one of the learning media that is now becoming trending because the learning needs of the students vary and advance. The best option to accommodate learning needs," said Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. Additionally, Virtual Reality (VR) glasses were also achieved by Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. as the reward for winning first rank in this competition. In the future, Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. hopes that through this reward, his students can be more happy and motivated in making the teaching and learning progress in the classroom. Then, what becomes the reason Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. succeeded in winning first place in the educational video competition of MilleaLab Appreciation Day?

"The preparation took one day, the video took one day, and editing until submitting is one day. I need three days in total. I think the video is quite short, but it covers all of the feelings I have in 12 years becoming a teacher," said Antony Lavinci, S. Pd., and continues, "Therefore, I am motivated by my experiences through the video." Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. also mentioned that the fundamentals of his education as an arts and culture teacher, especially music, cannot hold him back from creatively spreading impact through his educational video.

At the end of the day, Antony Lavinci, S. Pd. also appreciates MilleaLab for providing an appreciative space in the form of competition. The students' various backgrounds have allowed him to continue dedicating himself as an educator. MilleaLab directly makes students and educators realize to keep appreciating the impacts of each other. "I really appreciate this program. Besides its rewards, MilleaLab provides the same opportunities to all educators in Indonesia to keep sharing their experiences. "The value of motivating and appreciating each other is more expensive than the reward itself," concluded Antony Lavinci, S. Pd.


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