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MilleaLab Appreciation Day #2:Irma Widyastuti,The 1st Winner of Reels Video Competition

“Educators and students are a unity that must perform together in the world of education. Not only about Virtual Reality technology, Millealab also pushes the appreciation and respect between each other through MilleaLab Appreciation Day.”

It is a must that a student should appreciate the services of their teachers through many ways. At least that is what Irma Widyastuti, a student from MAN 2 Kota Madiun, East Java who appreciates her teachers through reels video competition of MilleaLab Appreciation Day. MilleaLab Appreciation Day is one of MilleaLab campaigns as a form of appreciation toward the Indonesia world of education. More precisely, an appreciation toward educators and students who play an important role in the educational domain. As the first winner in the reels video competition, Irma admitted that her video concept is a form of her appreciation and respect towards educators

“The motivation is to add more experiences, especially related to teachers’ appreciation. Fortunately, MilleaLab held this competition and I became interested in participating,” said Irma. Moreover, Irma believes that her character now is the result of her teachers’ hard work and effort. Regardless of the teachers’ attitude and treatment toward us, we should appreciate them in educating us. When we are talking about educators and students who appreciate each other, it will be strongly related to MilleaLab itself.

MilleaLab is an educational technology (EdTech) innovative platform that relies on Virtual Reality (VR) technology as its major foundation. The offering of the interactive three-dimensional scope yet immersive will absolutely deliver a realistic impression for the users. In this context, the students are the users. However, MilleaLab is not only supporting Indonesian education advancement, but also the appreciation of the students toward their teachers through MilleaLab Appreciation Day 2023. Flashing back to Irma’s story as the winner of the competition, Irma mentioned that the only obstacle of the video-making process came from external parties.

“My own challenge during the video-making process is when I took the video in public space. There were so many people passing by and talking. I chose the right time and space to maximize the result of the video,” said Irma. Interestingly, this is the first time that Irma became a participant of video-making competitions, especially reels. As a result, Irma succeeded in achieving one VR glasses that hopefully can be used to support her learning and become a platform for her to improve her hobby.

MilleaLab has become a platform for Irma as a student to deliver an appreciation feeling toward educators. Not only Irma who will feel the impact, but also all of the students will be inspired by Irma’s story of winning the competition. “MilleaLab Appreciation Day is an activity program that has a very positive impression. I would like to thank MilleaLab for helding this competition so that I can broaden my knowledge,” closed Irma.


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