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Since 2019, MilleaLab has consistently carried out good practices towards the use of Virtual Reality in the world of education for the sake of the quality of education in Indonesia. These good practices have resulted in various achievements that have been made up to 2022. Where throughout 2022, MilleaLab has completed 55 workshop activities related to the application of VR technology in the learning process. All workshop activities are spread across various provinces in Indonesia, where some of these activities are the result of collaboration between KOMINFO, KEMENDIKBUD RISTEK, and Pendekar VR . As in the areas of Magelang, Kuningan, Bali, Banyuwangi, Papua, Padang, Klaten, Kendal, Batam, Bintan, Riau, West Papua, Medan and Tual (Maluku). This is also a significant increase from previous years.

Besides KOMINFO and KEMENDIKBUD RISTEK, in 2022 MilleaLab will also establish cooperative relations with several other government agencies. Among them are the South Kalimantan Educational Information and Communication Technology Center (BTIKP) and the Land Transportation HR Development Center (PPSDMPD). The collaborative relationship between MilleaLab and BTIKP Kalsel, MilleaLab prepares a forum for educators and students throughout South Kalimantan to be able to experience VR technology and train educators in developing VR content. Whereas with PPSDMPD, MilleaLab provides literacy regarding VR technology to lecturers and universities under PPSDMPD, to create a better quality of education at the tertiary level. Not only universities under the auspices of PPSDMPD, several well-known universities in Indonesia also entrust MilleaLab as their learning media.

Through impact and all of MilleaLab's achievements, it has succeeded in encouraging MilleaLab to receive various awards, both domestically and abroad. On an international scale, MilleaLab is part of LIF Global 2022 Innovators and is invited to provide insight in various activities. Starting from Digitally Enhanced Learning and Teaching organized by ASEM Education Expert Group on Digitalization, EdTech Implementation in the Post-COVID Era to Support Open Distance Learning in Southeast Asia from SEAMOLEC, to MilleaLab –The All-In-One Virtual Reality Platform for Educators and Learners from BILT Learning Lab UNESCO-UNEVOC Germany, as the only EdTech from Indonesia. Indirectly, this explains that in 2022 MilleaLab will begin to be considered as an educational technology that is considered capable of improving the quality of learning.

As the Brand Owner of MilleaLab, Jelita Cahyaningtyas said that “MilleaLab's increase has grown 2x from last year. In 2022, MilleaLab will not only provide impact at the K-12 level, but also universities. In this way the impact that is given is increasingly widespread. Meanwhile, the innovation launched by MilleaLab in mid-2022, MilleaLab Individual License has also succeeded in having a good impact on creators. Because not only educators, even students and students can actively hone their skills in creating MilleaLab Virtual Reality content." This explains that MilleaLab's consistency in spreading impact can be well received by the community, and it is certain that in 2023, MilleaLab will spread its impact more massively. again.


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