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MilleaLab Exclusive Webinar:AI Concept and Implementation in Education

"MilleaLab Exclusive Webinar is directly becoming a discussion space for Andrew Steven Puika and the webinar participants. Artificial Intelligence concept and implementation has a potency to support the educational world in a more positive direction.."

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting closer to our lives as time passes, including in the educational world. MilleaLab initiates an exclusive webinar entitled "AI Concept and Implementation in Education" to optimize AI technological innovation in a more positive direction. Andrew Steven Puika, the main speaker of this webinar and the Chief Technology Officer of SHINTA VR, opened his presentation by mentioning that he has been interested in exploring AI for the past few years. "Should we be afraid of AI? The answer is yes and no," said Andrew.

Andrew continued, "Yes, because AI has its potencies to make us humans become ancient if we don't adapt to it. While we should not be afraid of AI because it will only be an expert in one particular field." For example, when we saw AI that could self-drive a car automatically, the vehicle could not fill up its petrol. Even though AI is intelligent, AI does not have any consciousness. Andrew firmly invited all educators in Indonesia to believe that we are the ones who take control of AI itself. "The way to understand AI is by assuming it's our assistant. AI is just a tool to support our effectiveness," said Andrew.

Moreover, the MilleaLab exclusive webinar is directly becoming an active discussion space for Andrew and the webinar participants. For Andrew, the student's ability to master the learning materials varies. The learning process will be more personalized through AI roles in education. "Students' learning experiences will be more personalized, and AI will help the educators to support students' struggle in seconds," said Andrew. Besides, AI also brings significant contributions toward automating school administrative tasks. However, Andrew still believes that educators' roles cannot be replaced by AI at all.

"There are many things that AI can't do. It is when we become wiser. Educators can't apply the old ideology in teaching the students because they can always be smarter in finding a shortcut to get maximal scores," said Andrew. Furthermore, there are ten significant points that Andrew delivers about Wise Teacher Qualities, such as being vital in communication, being a good listener, focused on collaboration, adaptability, interest, empathy, patience, valuing ​​real-world learning, sharing the best experiences, and being a lifelong learner. Andrew's presentation of AI concept and implementation in education invites the participants' enthusiasm to ask questions in the Q & A session.

When we are talking about the educators' fear of AI implementation in the future, one of them asks how AI can accept them in the world of education. Andrew answered, "Right now, the fear is still in the form of rumors. When many of us try it, the fear will be reduced. The time would be better if it used to learn about AI rather than doing manual assessment." AI is still considered an expensive developing technological innovation. Therefore, many AI platforms require a payment to use it. Andrew believes that AI will be cheaper in the future and can be accessed by many people.


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