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MilleaLab Update #10: A Senior Tech Support's Most Memorable Moment

“A new team was established in 2022 when Fikri Hambali, Senior Tech Support at SHINTA VR, led it. The delivery of harmonization in the world of education does not only come thanks to the efforts and contributions of educators but also the figures behind the MilleaLab application.”

The story of MilleaLab as a Virtual Reality (VR) education platform that has shared many positive impacts in Indonesia does not only come thanks to the contribution of the educators but also the people in it. Fikri Hambali, Senior Tech Support from SHINTA VR, said, “At first, I entered SHINTA VR in 2021 around September as Tech Support, who focuses on MilleaLab brand. At that time, there was only one Tech Support, namely myself.” Fikri Hambali is one of the supporters of MilleaLab in continuing to deliver harmonization in the world of education.

Furthermore, Fikri Hambali admitted that from 2022 until now, he was given the trust of SHINTA VR to become Senior Tech Support in all SHINTA VR business units. “My main task is to help MilleaLab users, namely educators, who experience problems when using MilleaLab both online and offline. In addition, I also help the development team find problems with MilleaLab application regularly to maintain its stability. Findings of obstacles from users will later become evaluation material for the developer team to develop, “said Fikri. Fikri Hambali, who used to stand alone as tech support, now leads a division.

“At that time, I was entrusted by SHINTA VR to be able to lead a new division in SHINTA VR, namely the Tech Support and Quality Assurance (QA) Team. Yes, this is a challenge for me to manage many things, such as scheduling support activities for each business unit, workshops, and handling users who experience problems from each business unit,” said Fikri, who continued, “I also created a testing documentation method that is understood by developers for all SHINTA VR business units. Leading the team to maintain effectiveness at work.” Interestingly, while Fikri Hambali worked as Senior Tech Support at SHINTA VR, he experienced many memorable moments and discovered new things.

Fikri added, “When conducting workshops with educators and MilleaLab, I feel delighted because I can provide a lot of knowledge that we have to educators regarding the use of VR technology in education. Especially when knowing the enthusiasm of the educators eager to learn more about MilleaLab's VR technology.” Furthermore, Fikri also commented on the presence of the VR Pendekar community, which became a forum for educators to communicate and collaborate. “Seeing the VR Pendekar community that MilleaLab built, I feel happy because all educators can build relationships, communication, and collaboration between educators,” said Fikri.

The discoveries that came from the experiences of educators while in the world of education also made Fikri Hambali realize many things. He said that through the stories of educators, he also indirectly added value to himself. Fikri Hambali, who helps users deal with existing obstacles, continues to try his best. “To make the implementation of VR MilleaLab in the classroom smooth and safe for educators, I do not work alone. Rather, there is a team that takes part to realize harmonization in the world of education,” Fikri concluded.


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