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MilleaLab Update #7:Virtual Reality Pilot School,SMK Negeri 3 Gorontalo

"In terms of enhancing awareness and implementing Virtual Reality technology in the educational world, MilleaLab and KOMINFO held a Digital Transformation program in the educational sector. The steps that SMKN 3 Gorontalo has proven as a VR Pilot School are very influential toward the purpose of the program."

The targeting of one particular school as a 'Virtual Reality (VR) Pilot School' by Millealab and KOMINFO is pointed to SMK Negeri 3 Gorontalo. The action is designated as a school that can inspire other schools regarding VR technology implementation around Gorontalo. Indriani Maadi, S. Pd., one of the educators and a representative from SMKN 3 Gorontalo, believes that the internal parts of the school should be strengthened first, then it can deliver massive immersive impacts for many schools in Gorontalo.

Before MilleaLab and KOMINFO decided on SMKN 3 Gorontalo as the VR Pilot School, KOMINFO had collaborated with the Gorontalo Provincial Education and Culture Department to hold a VR technology workshop for every SMA and SMK in Gorontalo. Indriani Maadi, S. Pd. mentioned, "At that time, I was assigned directly by the Principal of SMKN 3 Gorontalo to take part in the training. In order to pass the VR Pilot School selection, our school must be selected in the 5 best VR learning content categories." Indriani Maadi, S. Pd. also added that after being selected as a VR Pilot School, many educators finally learned the advantages of MilleaLab educational VR technology.

Furthermore, Indriani Maadi, S. Pd. affirmed that SMKN 3 Gorontalo is advanced in many various subject areas, especially technology. "Our school is known as Secondary Technology School. Therefore, almost all of the competencies and abilities are based on technology. SMKN 3 Gorontalo also has several computer labs and sufficient internet connection." Besides, Indriani Maadi, S. Pd. believes that the educators of SMKN 3 Gorontalo have enough facilities to support the target of VR Pilot School.

Talking about the best five contents, Indriani Maadi, S. Pd. who became the representative of SMKN 3 Gorontalo and educator in Math subject, has succeeded in the amazing MilleaLab. "At that time, I created VR learning content in MilleaLab regarding event probability material. I made it like a game, and there are no questions about counting. The concept suggests students are in the forest and lost. So, they have to look for opportunities to survive and find a way out," said Indriani Maadi, S. Pd. So far, the impact of SMKN 3 Gorontalo regarding the use of VR in the learning process is starting to be seen.

Indriani Maadi, S. Pd. also succeeded in transmitting the impact of the school's achievement as a VR Pilot School. Now, most of the educators in SMKN 3 Gorontalo have accomplished the mission to create VR learning content that is appropriate to the learning objectives. "We will keep learning to enhance the quality of SMKN 3 Gorontalo educators first. I will fight to invite my fellow educators to master the learning through MilleaLab. Later, we can maximize the impact to the external sides which are the schools in Gorontalo," said Indriani Maadi, S. Pd. Lasty, Indriani Maadi, S. Pd. hopes for MilleaLab VR learning media to help students learning all across Indonesia, starting from the nearest area.


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