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MilleaLab Update #9: MilleaLab's New Feature, Visual Scripting

"Bringing convenience through interactive features is one of MilleaLab's goals as a Virtual Reality education platform. The Visual Scripting feature is one of the real proofs of MilleaLab's feature development."

MilleaLab, a Virtual Reality (VR) Education Technology (EdTech) platform, constantly strives to provide a fun learning experience. MilleaLab's team of developers strive to make it easy for educators to create VR learning content. These benefits undeniably come from the various interactive features that MilleaLab has developed. This article will discuss MilleaLab's latest feature, Visual Scripting, which will channel the impact of educators and students in the classroom.

Dimas Taufiqurrahman, MilleaLab's Product Manager and Lead of MilleaLab's Developer Team, said, "Simply put, Visual Scripting is visual-based programming that allows users to manipulate elements in MilleaLab's VR scene. So actually, we are trying to create a feature for people to be able to program themselves without having to have a programming foundation." Furthermore, Dimas stated that the initiation of this feature arose from the needs of users who wanted VR learning content to be more dynamic and alive. Also, MilleaLab's Visual Scripting feature does not burden users' digital devices to access MilleaLab.

"Even though we initiated the implementation of coding features, it should still be easy to use. So, we devised the idea to develop this Visual Scripting feature. Users can easily manipulate scenes and create various simulations in it as easily as using Drag n Drop," said Dimas Taufiqurrahman. In addition to the convenience mainly aimed at educators in creating VR learning content, the Visual Scripting feature can also significantly impact students, especially those studying in the IT (Information Technology) field. 

Interestingly, Dimas Taufiqurrahman hopes that the impact of MilleaLab's latest feature can contribute specific value to IT students. "In terms of users in general, this feature can support those who want to make VR simulation practices in MilleaLab more dynamic at will. Well, especially for students or students in the IT field, this is a good method to train logic and reasoning when creating a program," said Dimas Taufiqurrahman, who added, "They can practice in MilleaLab through the simpler Visual Scripting feature before finally jumping into coding or fundamental programming."

As for MilleaLab's impact through the update, the Visual Scripting feature is to improve the quality of the "collaboration ecosystem" among educators. In addition, Dimas Taufiqurrahman also briefly touched on the plans of the MilleaLab Developer Team. There will be various training programs for educators and other exciting features that will improve the collaboration ecosystem. "We are all learning and developing together regarding developers, educators and students. This feature is here for anyone, prospective developers, educators and students who want VR content in MilleaLab to be more impactful," Dimas Taufiqurrahman concluded. Stay tuned for the following feature updates!


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