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MilleaLab Webinar: FUN Learning Through Virtual Reality and TOEFL Young Student Series

"MilleaLab Webinar speakers deliver awareness about spreading the importance of virtual learning to TOEFL tests in "Fun Learning Through VR and TOEFL Young Student Series". Learning the English language competencies required in TOEFL test will be very effective if sharpened through VR."

On Thursday, September 21, 2023, MilleaLab held a webinar about 'Fun Learning Through Virtual Reality (VR) and the TOEFL Young Student Series'. The webinar presented Hafilia R. Ismanto as the Director of Learning Solutions (PT International Test Center) and Atik Dian Anggraeni, S. Pd., as East Java Pendekar VR. Both speakers revealed their material about the connecting topic to each other.

The webinar also gained a lot of attention from the majority of webinar participants, the young generation. Hafilia R. Ismanto opened her presentation by mentioning, "TOEFL is not only limited to the United States but also accepted in every university around the world." In fact, TOEFL has three stages, defined as TOEFL Steps. Especially for the younger generation, Hafilia R. Ismanto emphasized that TOEFL can be studied, and there are stages, namely TOEFL Primary Test for 8 yo students and over and TOEFL Junior Test for 11 yo students and over. Moreover, the main aim of the two TOEFL tests is for students to understand the implementation and the process related to English language competency.

"These two types of tests are not merely for deciding the failure or success of the students. Instead, it is for placing their groups as their English language competencies," said Hafilia R. Ismanto, as follows, "The word 'test' in Indonesia is very familiar with passing and did not pass. Instead, we can determine the steps that need to be taken to improve speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. Hafilia R. Ismanto then continued her presentation by explaining the differences between TOEFL Primary and TOEFL Junior as she concluded that English language skills must be developed as early as possible. One way is through TOEFL Primary and TOEFL Junior.

The second session of the webinar was continued by Atik Dian Anggraeni, S. Pd.'s presentation, who affirmed that the use of VR technology in education has a high demand with low supply. Interestingly, MilleaLab realizes this fact. The access that MilleaLab offers its users are varied because they can use it through smartphones, tablets, or PCs. "In MilleaLab, educators can make the learning material and scenario that is appropriate with the student's needs, whether it's grammar or speaking," said Atik Dian Anggraeni, S. Pd. She effectively delivered the impact of MilleaLab VR usage in the learning process.

"The students are starting to understand the abstract learning concept to be more concrete. That's the major impact after they learn to use VR," said Atik Dian Anggraeni, S. Pd. The positive emotion that VR creates during the learning process also becomes one of the reasons for the students' improved learning motivation. Speaking skills of TOEFL test are also supported due to the immersive and interactive characteristics of MilleaLab, which are being delivered through unlimited virtual classrooms. Before entering the Q&A session, Dian Atik Anggraeni, S. Pd., presented an example of English dialogue she created through MilleaLab Creator. That VR content is picturing a student watching two people having a conversation in a dining room.

At the end of the webinar session, two speakers succeeded in achieving the webinar participants' enthusiasm to ask several questions regarding TOEFL and learning through VR. One asked, "According to Mrs Hafilia, what are the tips for quickly becoming proficient in English?" Hafilia R. Ismanto explained that we must put ourselves surrounded by an 'English' environment, starting from the closest persons to us. Just like the VR technology that MilleaLab uses to impact the world of education positively, educators must adapt to it to be proficient in using the technology. Ultimately, we must take advantage of the opportunities provided in the environment around us to improve. Gaining the English language competencies required in the TOEFL test will be very effective if we sharpen our skills through VR.


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