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Spreading the Impact of Immersive #3:MilleaLab Interactive Exploration Generates Students' Learning

“Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. always believes that motivation can overcome any challenges. MilleaLab can break through learning process limitations, including at SMK Pembangunan Kota Ternate, Maluku Utara. ”

The word “motivation” might become the most influential word in the educational life of a teacher from SMK Pembangunan Kota Ternate named Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. Alongside MilleaLab, Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. believes that challenging himself to disseminate Virtual Reality (VR) technology impacts has brought happy learning for the students. MilleaLab has become a Virtual Reality educational platform as if a bridge between Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. and his students' harmonization. “Earlier, VR media-based learning like MilleaLab became my own challenge that has a specific influence. Students can feel like entering real circumstances,” said Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd.

Moreover, various learning media nowadays can be considered as a huge potential to develop students’ motivation for learning. Learning through this immersive technology innovation is one of them. Recently, Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. held a workshop entitled “Workshop Metaverse: Explore The New Virtual World” The workshop is in the form of collaboration between Pendekar VR Maluku, Gorontalo, and Kalimantan Timur. “The duration of the workshop is around one month, virtually every Saturday. "Meanwhile, the implementation of independent activities lasted approximately four weeks," said Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. On the other hand, Pendekar VR is a community consisting of educators who are active in spreading the positive impact of implementing the use of VR in the world of education, and Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. incorporated into it.

Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. said, “The main purpose is to introduce alternative learning media that can be hoped for students’ learning motivation improvement.” Beside that, he also hopes that the workshop can spread VR media to the teachers. Therefore, abstract learning materials can be delivered maximally. Along with the workshop, Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. has also conquered several challenges related to limited computer tools and internet connection.

As we all know, Indonesian internet connection is not evenly distributed, especially in the Eastern side of Indonesia. This problem often becomes a challenge for educators who actively disseminate the positive impacts of MilleaLab VR usage in schools. However, Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd. believed that motivation once again becomes the solution to a problem. “Yeah, we also allowed the educators to explore VR learning further by giving extra time. So that unexpected situation in the field can be denied by us. We encourage and motivate the educators during the workshop,” said Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd.

The statement is also followed by the fact that MilleaLab provides offline mode, which does not need any internet connection, provided that the learning scene that has been created must be downloaded first. “It is such an appropriate platform to grow students’ learning motivation. I hope that educators and the government are together to deliver happiness in learning towards students through VR. MilleaLab becomes an optimal learning alternative when students need more learning motivation through VR interactive exploration,” said Sardan A. Rahman, S. Pd.


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