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Spreading the Impact of Immersive #4: The Future of Indonesian Education FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo,

“FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo believes that the essential driver of Indonesian education's proper future is educators. MilleaLab keeps becoming a primary bridge in spreading the immersive impact of Virtual Reality technology in education for educators.”

One of the educators from SMP Negeri 3 Purwokerto, FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo, mentioned that educators should go out of their comfort zone to master the future of the learning process. Once again, MilleaLab shows its persistence in spreading the immersive impact of good practices in Virtual Reality (VR) technology usage. Pendekar VR is a platform for active educators who implement VR in the classroom learning process. FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo is one of many educators who became a trainer in “Workshop Literasi Numerasi dan VR untuk Pembelajaran Offline at SMPN 1 Karanglewas 2023."

The immersive impact dissemination in the form of workshops also brings numerous motivations toward FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo is a trainer yet an educator. “After the offline training, which lasted 3 days, ended, I felt there was still something missing. There are still many workshop participants who are lay people, so I personally propose further strengthening so that the participants understand better and can apply it in the teaching and learning process," said FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo. Besides that, he added that the consistency has been built until today to spread an immersive impact rooted in the first time he knew about Millealab. As a result, the impact created is that the workshop’s participants are able to implement the basics of VR learning, which later will be effective in the learning process.

"I became familiar with Virtual Reality in 2019 through MilleaLab. It turned out that transforming something that is not real into something real is not impossible to do, especially in the world of education. "This introduction created extraordinary motivation for me because learning became more varied," said FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo. However, every good practice of FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo has always been accompanied by various kinds of challenges. Those challenges include an unstable internet connection, inadequate hardware for the participants, and even a lack of motivation from the people around them who do not yet have enough awareness of the importance of Educational Technology (EdTech) nowadays.

FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo said, “MilleaLab is based on the internet connection. Usually, schools participating do not provide strong internet connections, which often hinders the training process. Generally, the devices that the participants used were also inadequate for the specifications. There are still many educators who have difficulty participating maximally because of a lack of learning motivation.” However, FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo believes a fundamental thing, which is the approach toward students for effective learning, can be realized through technology itself.

Elderly educators must adapt to technology by getting out of their comfort zone. This one point is believed by FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo asked that a number of educators not only blame their students regarding the use of technology. Next, FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo emphasized to young educators not to be shy about learning new things, especially VR technology in education. “Increase your abilities for a more advanced educational future. At first, it may feel very difficult, but in the end, technology will make it easier for us," concluded FX. Yuliasmanto Prabowo. One thing is certain: varied classroom learning using VR technology is what is being attempted through this training.


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